Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be hormone-safe?

“Hormone-safe” means to be protected from, and/or not exposed to, any interference of our natural hormone (also known as endocrine) system. Our products are always hormone-safe, meaning each product excludes known EDCs and are also designed to help detox, repair, and protect your skin from toxic chemicals and hormone disruptors.

How do EDCs impact my health?

EDCS are linked to infertility, endometriosis, early puberty, altered nervous system function, immune function, certain cancers, respiratory problems, metabolic issues, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems, growth, neurological and learning disabilities, and more.

Other areas include:

  • Response to psychological stress
  • Neurological and behavioral changes
  • Reduced ability to handle stress
  • Reproduction: Some classes of EDCs (DDT, BPA, phthalates, PCBs, others) can affect reproductive health by mimicking or blocking the effects of male and female sex hormones
  • Growth and development: High exposures to EDCs during gestation can lead to low-birth weight, altered development, disrupted sexual development, weakened immune system
  • Cancer: Exposure to estrogen or androgen mimicking EDCs can promote breast and prostate cancer growth and/or interfere with hormonal cancer therapy
  • Prenatal exposure to some EDCs may after mammary gland development and increase breast cancer risk later-in-life

What do hormones affect? Why should hormone-safe products be important to me?

The glands of the endocrine system send out hormones that tell each part of your body what work to do, when to do it, and for how long. Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers. They travel in your bloodstream to tissues or organs to help them do their work. They work slowly, over time, and affect many different processes, including:

  • Growth and development
  • Metabolism – how your body gets, stores, and uses energy from the foods you eat
  • Sexual function
  • Reproduction
  • Mood

Sometimes hormones get out of balance. That can lead to problems like diabetes, weight gain or loss, infertility, weak bones, and other problems.

How can you claim your products are free from EDCs?

We only use plant based natural products. We do not use the proven endocrine disrupting chemicals – Phthalates, BPA or Parabens. We only use plant-based ingredients. Our Custom Essential Oil Blend provides the fragrance, and unlike most fragrances, our custom essential oil blend is synthetic free.

What is the difference between hormone-free and hormone-safe?

When a product is hormone-free, it means no hormones have been added to a product, whereas when a product is hormone-safe, means that the product is formulated without any Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs), and is therefore safe for your endocrine system.

Isn’t this the same as “clean” beauty and skincare?

Clean beauty does not mean hormone-safe. Some of the ingredients in “clean beauty” may be considered clean, but in fact contain EDCs. There is no FDA definition of “Clean” and thus it has become a murky market. Therefore, we don’t stop at clean – we go for safe, and more importantly, hormone-safe.

What is Chemical Body Load?

Chemical Body Load is the term for the concentration (or amount) of chemicals in the body at any given time.

Why do I need to reduce my Chemical Body Load?

Toxic chemical exposures are responsible for as much as 70% of chronic disease, according to Million Marker, an organization dedicated to measuring individual toxic exposure and its reduction. Reducing your exposure to chemicals is the healthier choice.

Are your products as effective as others with only natural ingredients?

We have formulated each of our products to be hormone-safe, and efficacious. We hand-selected ingredients which, when combined, not only support skin immunity and resiliency, but help to fight signs of aging, help to brighten and smooth, and help to nourish and protect skin.

How do these products boost skin immunity and resiliency?

Our products are formulated to detox, repair, and protect the skin from environmental pollutants helping to strengthen your skin.

Is this FDA approved?

Our products are considered cosmetics by the FDA and are not subject to FDA approval.

Are your products safe for sensitive skin?

Yes. We do not use harsh surfactants or solvents. Our products are plant-based and gentle for the skin.

Are your products clean?


How are your products better than clean?

Our products are clean but go a step further and do not contain ingredients that are considered EDCs.

Do I need to get rid of all of my other products to use yours?

No. Our intention is not cause alarm but to create more awareness and education. We cannot remove EDCs from your life but we can help you reduce them.

What are BPAs?

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is an industrial chemical that is used in making polycarbonate (clear and hard) plastics and epoxy resins (can coatings). Polycarbonate plastics are often used in storing food and beverages, while epoxy resins are present in some dental sealant and used to coat food cans and bottle tops.

What are Phthalates?

Phthalates are chemicals that make plastics more flexible and durable. Phthalates are also used as solvents for materials such as adhesives (glues), detergents, plastic clothing (raincoats), perfumes, soaps and hair sprays. Common sources of phthalates include the above personal care products, as well as some children’s toys, plastic packaging film, and cleaning supplies.